All opinions you will read on Fashion Is Our Religion are my own and I reserve the right to write honestly about any products I personally buy or PR samples and garments that I receive - this may or may not include negative aspects to make my blog posts as honest as possible. I also reserve the right to refuse working with a brand if I feel it doesn't match well with the style of my blog or the products/brands aren't relevant to the topics I cover on my blog. Please don't be offended but I would like to keep the themes of my blog consistent and to continue writing about fashion and beauty.

All PR samples or products I have received from brands will be marked with an asterisk(*) within the posts they are mentioned, this will not affect how I write about a product and I will continue to write my true opinions on the products received, depending on the products this could include negative points - after all, all products aren't amazing all the time! If I have been paid to write a post or to feature certain products, this will be clearly noted in the post and again, I will not just write a positive review for payment and I reserve the right to still right my true opinions.

Photos that I have personally taken and posts that I have written are copyright of Amie Gee and are my own personal property. I hope you all like my written work; if you would like to generally mention me or one of my posts then please feel free to! But if you wish to use my personal pictures or quote some of my writing within your own posts, then please ask my permission first and once you have permission for you to credit me within your post; please use any of my work or photographs in the context of me being the creator and don't pass my work off as being your own. I will treat all your work with the same respect :)

Thanks in advance!

Amie xx

Email: fashionisourreligion91@gmail.com
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