The Christmas Haul // What I got for Chrismtas


I've seen many bloggers share what they received for Christmas in a haul post, so I thought I would do one of my own! Considering I'm getting old, I think I've done pretty well this year and got some really lovely things; I think now I'm a bit older I really love to give people presents and see them make people happy, so I do tend to go a bit crazy when buying things for others! I didn't really have anything specific that I wanted to get, I'm so indecisive and I don't like it to look like I was expecting a big pile of different presents, I've probably mentioned a few things over the past few months but never expected to get them! If you follow me on Twitter, you will probably know a few of the presents that I got, but here is a full list of the presents I received this year.

I have had my eye on a Cambridge Satchel Company bag for months and months, I even mentioned one in my Lust List post a few months back. Satchels are just so versatile and can be worn with so many outfits and used for work and uni, when I originally saw the satchels in this vivid oxblood colour I fell in love straight away, it works so well in these winter months and I can't get enough of dark red at the minute. I was so thrilled that my boyfriend got me the one that I wanted, I just know I'm going to get so much use out of it and it will even coordinate with my dark red hair! It also still has that new leather smell which is amazinggg. I just think it looks so classy and sophisticated, John bought me the 'Batchel' version (Hybrid of satchel and briefcase), so I even have the option to carry it with the handle or just to use the shoulder strap. I really am so pleased with this and I can't wait to start using it!

In July when I went to the hairdressers and was waiting to be seated, I saw this being used on another customer and I was just watching in amazement, it looked fantastic! I love curling my hair but when using straighteners sometimes the curls can be a bit temperamental and don't turn out right or they just drop out. It was the same trip to the hairdressers where I discovered the L'Oreal Steam Pod, I fell in love with both but decided I wanted to get the Steam Pod first as I have naturally thick and frizzy hair and it completely changed the condition of my hair and drastically cut down on styling time (you can read a full review here). My mum and dad bought this for me and I can't wait to try it out for myself! Since seeing it in the hairdressers I've seen lots of beauty bloggers using it, considering my hair is so thick I'm not sure of what styling time will be like but I would rather spend more time doing it properly than doing it haphazardly and having to do in again, so I'll keep you all posted and show you how I get on with it!

LG DVD Player

This was another present from my mum and dad, I've had my old DVD player for absolutely ages but before I moved in the summer it decided to start making funny noises and not read any discs! So for the past few months if I've wanted to watch a DVD in my room, I'd have to put it on my laptop, which comes with the whole balancing it on my bed, trying to stop it overheating rigmarole and if John's round it's a bit harder to watch together on a smaller screen and it displaying properly for both of us. Anyway I'm so glad I can hook this up to my TV now especially as I've got a few DVDs for Christmas and John will be bringing his down at the weekend as well.

Jimmy Choo Flash and Marc Jacobs Honey perfumes

I don't know whether I should be taking a hint here, but I received two perfumes this year, I got Jimmy Choo Flash from John and Marc Jacobs Honey from my mum and dad. These are both relatively new perfumes and I hadn't tried either of them before but I do love really sweet, fruity and floraly perfumes and these both seem to fit the bill! I love the sparkly box that the Jimmy Choo perfume comes in and the bottle as well really does ooze sophistication and really personifies the powerful and glamorous scent, so I can imagine using this for when I'm getting dressed up and going out to give me that extra confidence boost. The Marc Jacobs bottles are always really cute and I love the polka dot design and butterflies attached to the bottle, this is less powerful and more of a fresh and light floral scent, so this will be perfect for every day use. I shall do a proper review of both perfumes when I have used them a bit more and can get a feel of how the scents develop and how long they last for but on first impressions they are both really nice!

Leather Studded Gloves

John's mum brought me these gloves, I'm not sure where they're from as there isn't a branded label on the inside but they are so lovely. I had been after some leather gloves for a while but never really known if they would suit me or not. Purple is one of my favourite colours and I love the stud detailing on the wrists which adds an extra fashionable touch to a classic accessory. They have a faux fur lining and they are literally so soft against my skin and will definitely keep my hands nice and warm! I know I'm going to be set for winter with these and they will last me for many more winters to come, definitely an investment piece!

Kipling Priska Shoulder Bag

My Grandad bought me this bag and again, it's in that lovely oxblood colour! It also has a really cool snake print pattern which has been a real hit this season in the fashion world. These Kipling bags are perfect for taking on weekends away and on city breaks abroad as there are loads of zips and compartments for all of your belongings to be kept safe and is really lightweight so won't make your shoulders ache. It's a great casual bag and comes with a really cute monkey keyring, I think I'll have to book a mini holiday now to fully make use of this bag, of course ;)

Colour Couture Nail Art Diary

Beauty advent calendars have been a massive hit in the run up to Christmas with many beauty brands bringing out their own versions whether it be nail polish, make up, skin care or a mix of all three! My grandma bought me this nail art diary which comes with a nail polish or nail caviar for every month as well as a top coat and 2 nail art pens! Though I very much doubt I will be waiting a year to open them all as I'm eager to try the different colours out and I've been wanting some nail art pens for absolutely ages! Be prepared to see some more nail art looks from me in the near future!

Colour Couture Dramatic Eyes and Lip Gloss sets

I also received two more colour couture sets off my Grandma, one for dramatic eye make up and the other full of different lip glosses. I love having bold eye make up and a wide variety of different coloured lip products so these sets are perfect for me! They come with all the products you need to create different looks and step by step tutorials and also a handy mirror in the lid of the box! I'll have to do a further in depth post on them to show the contents and show the outcomes of the tutorials provided.

Revlon Ritzy, Bourjois 1 Seconde Rainbow Apparition and Rimmel Precious Stones Ruby Crush polish

If anyone knows me, I absolutely love glitter and anything that sparkles especially at this time of year, it's very festive and easily creates the perfect party look. These are another gift from John's mum and I absolutely love them! Surprisingly I haven't bought any of these myself, so I'm excited to try out some different shades to what I have at the minute.

Body Shop Wild Rose Manicure and Moisture duo

This is another present from John's mum and I think there's a bit of coordination going on! I know I'm going to have lovely looking hands and nails from all these gifts. My L'Occitane hand cream has recently ran out, so I'm really glad I've got a replacement for it. I haven't smelt this wild rose collection before, but I do really love floral scents, so I know I'm going to like it. Hopefully it will keep my hands nice and moisturised over the winter months. A nail file is also really handy to keep in my bag as I'm forever breaking my nails  and I always seem to misplace them when I need them. 

Beyonce CD

I am such a big Beyonce fan and when I heard she had released a new album I could have squealed with delight and knew I wanted it for Christmas. I saw her earlier this year at V festival and she was actually mind blowing, literally so amazing to see her live and I've also got tickets to see her live next year on her tour, so I really can't wait to give this album a listen. As it's a visual album I'm intrigued to see all of the videos on the album as well. If it's anything like her past albums I know I'm going to love it!

The Great Gatsby, Dumbo and The Jungle Book DVDs

My mum bought me the Disney movies to help build up my collection on DVDs, I loved watching Disney as a child but I don't have many of the classic films on DVD as they were all on VHS, I only really have the modern Disney films and a couple of my favourite classics like The Little Mermaid and Beauty & The Beast on DVD. I've not watched either of these films for years, so it will be exciting to rewatch them now. My aunty brought me The Great Gatsby, I saw this when it first came out in the cinema and the costumes and cinematography are just stunning, the soundtrack as well is fab so I can't wait to watch it again. If you haven't seen it before I'd recommend you give it a watch!

Divergent book

I am actually quite a nerd and love reading, if I'm going on holiday I would usually take 4-5 books with me as I will spend most of the day if we're by the pool reading, I'm one of those people who when they first start a book will struggle to put it down until they've finished it, I love reading! Since working full time and trying to blog I've not really had a lot of spare time to buy and read some new books, though I've heard good things about the Divergent series and knew I wanted to read them before the films come out next year. One of my ex housemates has read it and recommended it to me ages ago, so I'm hoping to buy the others and finish them before I go back to work! I've only just started it and read a few chapters and I'm already gripped, the storyline kicks off straight away so I can't wait to see how it's going to develop.

My weight in sweets and chocolate

(Sorry for the picture quality, my camera ran out at this point, so had to use my phone!) Every year I say that I don't want a lot of sweets and every year I end up with loads! I just don't know where I'm going to start with this lot, though I am an American candy addict, so I'm sure they'll be gone soon enough! I'm not one of those people who would live off chocolate for the first few weeks after Christmas, In fact I tend to hoard it and this lot will probably take me a couple of months to eat (just in time for valentines, then Easter, then my birthday). I don't know why I do but I've always done it, it takes me forever to eat it all, though as John is coming down until New Years Day I'm sure he will help me to eat it.

Not pictured but I also received a football match ticket from John's dad, I support Leicester and John supports Bolton, so we are going to see Leicester vs Bolton on Sunday, though I have to sit in the away stand as John sat in the Leicester end last time they played! It's a fun rivalry as my family also supports Leicester, so there is always some friendly banter. I also got a cheque from my grandma and some money from my uncle, which of course will be spent sensibly..

And that's my Christmas haul! I really love everything I got and I can't wait to try out the beauty products and to try out my new bags, I'm sure you will see most of these items featured on my blog in the future! If you have done a similar Christmas haul I will love to see what you got so please leave your links below!

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  1. You got some really great presents! Absolutely LOVE that oxblood satchel!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

    1. Thank Yuen!

      I absolutely love my satchel, I've had my eye on it for months and months, so I'm really glad my boyfriend picked it out for me :) He either has good taste or a good memory haha

      Amie xx

  2. Wow you got some amazing presents. I love the nail calendar, there's no way I could wait all year to open them though :p followed you!
    Tiana x

    1. Thanks Tiana! Aha I don't think anyone could wait a year to open them all, it's far too tempting!

      Amie xx