Outfit Of The Day // 8th September

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Necklace - Boohoo £6

I can't believe it's been so long since I've done an outfit of the day post! I seem to have been so busy lately, I think working full time is taking it's toll and when I get home I don't really feel like I look particularly great! And this is the first weekend in a month that I haven't had to do anything, I've been to V festival and then up to Manchester the past 2 weekends running - one for a girls night out and one to celebrate mine and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary with an amazing weekend at the Hilton in Deansgate and dinner at Rio Ferdinand's restaurant Rosso  - I've been a very busy bee!  I literally haven't had any down time to really focus on my blog, as you have probably noticed the lack of posts when compared to July, I'm really going to try and organise myself better and schedule some posts for when I know I'm going to be busy.

Anyway, back to the outfit; this weekend has been absolute bliss as I haven't had to do anything or go anywhere; plus it was my first time in over a month I have been able to have a lie in so I feel nice and relaxed. Even though I have been around the house all day, I really wanted an excuse to wear my brand new ASOS skort, so I thought I'd dress up for the hell of it!

 I really am loving the skort at the minute - and so does the rest of the bloggersphere! The skort has become the surprising cult item in recent months. I saw this one on ASOS and I just loved the colour, I seem to buy a lot of this dark pink colour - I have some tailored trousers in the exact same colour so I knew I had quite a few garments that would match with it. I have had the blouse for about 6 months but I haven't really worn it for a while, but I think it goes well with this skort, I think it would make a suitable look for work as well. I'm also thinking of wearing this blouse with my white Zara skort and new white jacket to try a more chic and polished look. I've had my cut out boots a few weeks now and you rarely see me out of them! The heel is quite small, so I can last the whole day in them comfortably and they bring any outfit up to date with the cut out straps. Until I can afford Jeffrey Campbells I'll be sticking with these bad boys. 

These midi rings from ASOS are a new addition to my jewellery collection and I really do love them, even though they only fit on my ring and little fingers! Even though I bought the bigger size, I can't get them much further past the nails on my other fingers - sigh! Maybe I should try the ASOS Curve rings as I must have bigger than average fingers, though I'm pretty sure they aren't that big? I dunno. This necklace from Boohoo is one I bought a few weeks ago and is my latest statement necklace. I love anything geometric and I like to wear this one under collars or just over the top of the neckline to add some extra detailing to an outfit. 

What do you think of my latest outfit post, would you like to see more of my outfits? If people would like to see more I would try my best to post some more!

Amie xx

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