Battle of the Christmas Ads: Debenhams 'Wishes Made Fabulous'


This week seems to have been THE week to release Christmas adverts, they all seem to have come at once in a whirl of stylish clothing and decadent food. Literally within the same ad break that Marks and Spencer released their Christmas campaign to the masses, Debenhams also debuted their Christmas campaign 'Wishes Made Fabulous'. After their massive return to Christmas campaigns last year with 'Christmas Made Fabulous'; the story of a woman's stylish journey home for Christmas in THAT red coat - which inevitably became their best selling coat of all time, Debenhams new advert echoes the theme of coming together for Christmas with the journey of a couple reuniting in time for the festive season.

It's heartwarming, emotional and relatable - if you've ever been away from a partner you will know the excitement and anticipation of finally being reunited with each other and this is portrayed throughout the advert showing each of their journeys. The pair are shown writing letters to each other and walk through various festive scenes which help to showcase as much of Debenham's vast range of collections from Partywear to Kidswear, Lingerie and Outwerwear all by their Designers at Debenhams such as Henry Holland, Jonathan Saunders and Julien Macdonald. This advert essentially mirrors the style and theme of last years ad as well as their current A/W campaign, very slick, stylish and polished but full of emotion at the same time.

It's very clever how even though the main focus is on the couple's journey to each other, that the ad encorpartes their journey through other people's lives and showcases these events, which in the end helps to include different varieties or clothing and products than if they had purely shown the couple. The background music is an orchestral version of 'Youth' by Foxes, and the original version of the song has already featured on a number of recent Debenhams adverts and has been played constantly throughout its' stores the past couple of months, so it's familiar, instantly recognised and automatically associated with the department store. Following suit with John Lewis by using a remake of a song, it's also available to download and is bound to be a success in the charts. 

The song is perfect to portray the excitement and emotion within the advert, especially when the song builds up when the couple are finally together in a crescendo of music. I must admit this advert really pulls at my heartstrings and the couple really do look like they are happy and in love. I can really relate to this advert as my and my boyfriend John are in a long distance relationship whilst I'm on placement, we only see each other a couple of times a month but this advert makes me think of feeling I get when I do get to see him and it makes me really happy (I'll stop with the soppy talk now). It's a really beautiful portrayal for what many couples feel and if you can relate your emotions to an advert, it makes it that much more personal and the advert and brand will stay in your mind a lot longer.

Following the success of last years advert, This advert also features the couple wearing 'hero' must have coats to help and replicate the sell out success of THE red coat last year. The ad features the Johnathan Saunders Edition Dark Grey Herringbne Coat and the Hammond & Co Navy Nelson Long Double Breasted Coat. On the Debenhams website, there is also an option to shop the TV advert and get all the different looks that are featured, as well as home products that were seen in the background and beauty products - as Debenhams has a very large beauty department this move would be quite lucrative as lovers of the ad will want to recreate the make up looks with the products used.

Like with the Marks and Spencer campaign, Debenhams launched their advert first on Youtube a few days before it aired on TV to be more involved on social media platforms. To link with the theme of the advert, Debenhams are also running a competition with the hashtag #wishesmadefabulous on Twitter and through Facebook for people to make a wish for the chance to win a gift card and Debenhams will also make some of the wishes come true! This encapsulates the meaning of Christmas and how for our loved ones we try to make their wishes come true over the festive period, so it's a clever marketing move. 

If you haven't seen the advert, for a start where have you been?! You can watch 'Wishes Made Fabulous' below! It's magical and guaranteed to make your heart melt! Compared to Marks & Spencer campaign which I reviewed a few days ago, it's a lot more personal and emotional but at the same time manages to showcase it's vast Designer Collections extremely well!

What do you think to the new Debenhams advert?

Amie xx

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  1. I absolutely love it too, I'm glad you mirrored my strength of emotions I thought it was just me!

    1. Aww I'm glad you think the same! I can get very emotionally attached to adverts, movies and songs to the point where it's just embarrassing haha :p The Debenhams advert makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, its the perfect campaign for Christmas time!