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As some of you may have seen, I received the Babyliss Curl Secret for Christmas from my parents. I have been lusting after it ever since last summer when I saw the Pro Curl version being used in my hairdressers, I was absolutely transfixed watching it automatically drawing in the hair and creating a soft curl effortlessly in a matter of seconds. It was the same hairdressers trip that I also discovered the L'Oreal Steam Pod - another amazing hairstyling tool and if you haven't already you can see my full review of the Steam Pod here - it's worth a look if you have thick and frizzy problem hair like mine.

 I have used a number of methods in the past to curl my hair, from mastering curling with my GHD straighteners to sleep in rollers to rag rollers, all of which had their positives and negatives, I used my GHDs the most as heat styling seems to be the most effective on my hair, but I found that my curls would drop out before I had even finishing curling my hair! So often I would have to re do the bottom layers of my hair as they would have just gone limp, very frustrating especially when it takes me the best part of an hour to curl my hair anyway! With GHDs I also found the curls would be very temperamental and uneven from time to time, cue more retouching and fiddling to try and get an even look. I have never used a heated curling wand or tool before and when I saw the Curl Secret I thought it would be my answer to a more professional looking and styled curly hairdo. In the run up to Christmas, I saw so many blog posts and YouTube videos on the Curl Secret and had high hopes for it to produce the same look for me; I did have some worries that my hair would be too thick for it to produce the same look and that they would again drop out into a slight kink. Finally after months of lusting, I un-boxed my Curl Secret for the first time last weekend and couldn't wait to see for myself whether it would live up to my very high expectations. 

Babyliss Curl Secret, Curl Secret review, Curl secret results, before and after, curly hair, curly hair tutorials, beauty blogger reviews, heat styling

The Babyliss Curl Secret comes in a dark aubergine colour and is lightweight and easy to hold, it's just as easy to handle as regular heat styling tools. The only obvious difference is the curl chamber head which is something I'd never seen before, this is where the hair is drawn in and wound around in the heated ceramic chamber and suspended whilst it is evenly heated from all angles inside the head - it also has anti tangle technology, so if you feed too much hair in or at an odd angle, it will automatically stop and release your hair! This was one of my initial worries about the product that I would end up having to cut a massive chunk of my hair off if it happened to get stuck, so it's good to know that there is very little chance of this happening. Along with the Curl Secret device, you also get a heat proof mat to use whilst you are curling your hair and a heat proof drawstring bag to store your Curl Secret away instantly, so there's no need to wait for it to cool down. 

Babyliss Curl Secret, Curl Secret review, Curl secret results, before and after, curly hair, curly hair tutorials, beauty blogger reviews, heat styling, auto curl technology

Taking a closer look at the device, there are two heat settings where the maximum temperature is 230c and three different timer settings - 8, 10 and 12 seconds, each of these will create a different style on your hair just at the flick of a button, so it's excellent that it can create so much versatility between styles with no effort at all. The shorter the time setting, the looser the curl, so depending on whether you like loose waves or defined curls, you can adjust the settings to suit your tastes accordingly. If you have fine hair it is advised that you use the lower heat setting and if you have thicker hair like mine the higher heat setting will be better suited, so no matter what your hair type the Curl Secret can be tailored to you. There is a little note on the side of the chamber stating to keep this front side closest to your head at all times which is important to remember as on the front side there is a guide for your hair to be fed through properly. There is also a red light that will illuminate when you turn the Curl Secret on, it will blink until it has reached it's required temperature setting and is ready to use, start up is really fast and it shouldn't take longer than 30 seconds to be ready to go.

This is my hair before I started to use the Curl Secret, I had washed and straightened it the day before, but you can also use it if you have wavy and curly hair, as my hair is so frizzy I just rather my hair to be as smooth as possible before using it to get the best possible result. If you have really long hair you won't be able to use the curl secret unless you start further down the length of your hair, my hair is pretty much boob length but I'd suggest that if your hair is more than a couple of inches longer than mine that it won't work on your hair if you start at your scalp, there is only so much room in the chamber for your hair to be wound around so if you have really long hair simply start a few inches down your hair depending how long it is. I've also read that hair extensions aren't suitable for this either because of the heat, especially as you are holding it close to your head for an extended period of time, so please check before buying whether you will be able to use this. 

Babyliss Curl Secret, Curl Secret review, Curl secret results, before and after, Curl Secret tutorial, curly hair, curly hair tutorials, beauty blogger reviews, heat styling

To use the Curl Secret, simply take a small section of hair and feed it through the guide and out the other side of the chamber; make sure the section of hair is no thicker than 3 cm otherwise when it winds your hair in it won't be wide enough and it will inevitably stop and release your hair. After reading the instructions, I was a little scared at first of using this, just in case I did it wrong and it ended up ripping my hair out, I literally sat there for about 10 minutes not daring to clamp it down onto my hair! But after building up the courage I closed the handles and my hair disappeared into the chamber! You also have to make sure you keep the handles closed for the the whole duration of the time setting otherwise it will stop. Every 2 seconds it will produce a beeping noise and when the time is up it will beep rapidly 4 times; after this make sure the handles are opened fully otherwise it could straighten out the curl you just created!. When the handles are fully open, just move the chamber away from your head to release your hair and you should be left with a perfect little curl!

Babyliss Curl Secret, Curl Secret review, Curl secret results, before and after, Curl Secret tutorial, curly hair, curly hair tutorials, beauty blogger reviews, heat styling

This is the result of my first ever curl using the Curl Secret and I must admit I was pretty impressed at how even and defined the curl was, even though I used the lowest time setting of 8 seconds! Sometimes when I use my GHDs to curl my hair, it doesn't always curl properly until the ends of my hair, so I'm really pleased that on first impressions the Curl Secret produced a consistent looking curl. With the Curl Secret you can't control which direction the curl will fall but it does automatically alternate the direction of the curl, I think makes the style look a lot more natural rather than having all the curls exactly the same in the same direction, that just looks way too artificial for me. So with absolutely no effort and not having to remember which way to curl my hair every time, the Curl Secret just does the job all by itself and it really takes the hassle out of curling hair and making the process a lot more streamlined.

As you are limited to a 3cm width for every curl, depending on how thick your hair is and the timer setting, it could take slightly longer to curl the whole of your hair than with a curling tong or straighteners which can take a much bigger section at a time. As I was taking pictures throughout the process, I wasn't aware of how long it actually took to curl the whole of my hair, but it definitely didn't feel like it was taking an overly long time compared to other curling techniques, I'd probably say it only takes about 10-20 minutes extra depending on the timer setting and how quickly you are moving through your hair. Though I think that taking that slightly longer time to produce an overall better result is worth it.

Babyliss Curl Secret, Curl Secret review, Curl secret results, before and after, Curl Secret tutorial, curly hair, curly hair tutorials, beauty blogger reviews, heat styling

This is the look about halfway through the curling process, I found that after a couple of goes I felt a lot more comfortable using the Curl Secret and was moving through the sections of my hair a lot quicker - practise makes perfect after all! Once you use it a few times you get an idea of the size of the sections to use and the position to hold it onto your hair, with all the instructions it does seem overwhelming at first but it's actually very easy to use very quickly and is very simple to master. As the Curl Secret does the majority of the work for you, it's simple for even styling novices to try out and achieve great results. As you can see from the picture, the Curl Secret has produced lovely loose curls, that look shiny and polished without looking too uniform and ringlety; it's styled without looking really unnatural.

Babyliss Curl Secret, Curl Secret review, Curl secret results, before and after, Curl Secret tutorial, curly hair, curly hair tutorials, beauty blogger reviews, heat styling

This is the finished result and I'm so so pleased with the results! I was scared that it wouldn't work properly on my thick hair, but even on the lowest time setting it has worked a treat! It made my hair voluminous and created gorgeous tumbling curls that looked glossy almost like I had my own hairdresser styling my hair! I can't believe how simple it was to create such gorgeous curls. There was virtually no tugging and as the heating process takes place inside the chamber, there are no ceramic plates to burn your scalp/face/fingers on. The Curl Secret is going to be my new go to styling tool for whenever I want curly hair and I can't wait to experiment with the different time settings to see what different results it produces. I didn't put any product in my hair afterwards and it stayed just as curly throughout the whole day which is amazing! The curls even lasted for a couple more days afterwards, they dropped slightly but my hair was still curly just not as voluminous, so the lasting power of this even without hairsprays and serums is very impressive. To smooth out any flyaways all it needs is a touch of serum and you will have the perfect curly hairstyle, people will definitely notice how amazing your hair will look using this curling tool!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone, out of all the methods I've used to create glamorous and glossy curls, this is by far the best! If you would like to purchase the Curl Secret tool for yourself it costs only £120, which I think is worth every penny considering the high level of results it produces. You can buy the Curl Secret from the Babyliss website and it even has a list of high street retailers such as Argos, John Lewis and Boots where you can pick this up! If you've been umming and ahhing about this, hopefully my review has convinced you!

I'd love to know what you think of my review and whether you have used the Curl Secret yourself!

Amie xx

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  1. ooh that looks better than the usual wands! Lovely curls!

    1. it really does produce good curls that seem to last so much longer than if i were to use my GHDs!

  2. Those curls look so pretty! I've find curls always fall out as my hair is pretty fine but this looks really good, wish it was cheaper though xx

    1. I've used it on my friend who has quite thin hair and It worked really well on hers! If you see an offer on it, i'd definitely recommend you giving it a go :)