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It's been a while since I did a haul post, though don't be under any illusion that it's because I haven't been making some purchases these past few months! Me and my bank account have recently become victims of the latest mid-season sale on offer at ASOS; In fact I have made 3 separate orders to ASOS since their sale began! Though it isn't as bad as it sounds, I haven't kept everything that I originally ordered and I did reorder some things that I needed a different size for - just to guarantee that I got those items and not rely on the exchange service that would take a few days to process. So see this haul as the final edit of the items I have decided to keep - I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just few on trend pieces to refresh my wardrobe for spring, so I have ended up with a great mix of garments and footwear to suit a range of trends that would easily slot into my current wardrobe and revive it from its' dull and wintery colour scheme.

Lavish Alice Asymmetric Split Pencil Skirt - Was £32 Now £16
This skirt is a bit of an unusual choice for me and a bit out of my comfort zone, I usually go for darker skirts and bottoms just as I think they are a bit more flattering and to be honest blend in a bit better with what others wear rather than standing out too much. Though when I first saw this skirt, I loved the asymmetric shape and thought the drop hem design was really interesting and looked cute! i have never bought anything from Lavish Alice before, but there's something really high fashion about this skirt and even though it's quite simple, the shape makes a statement. As pastels are proving popular this spring, I decided now was the time to experiment more with this trend and take the plunge in getting over my fear of pale trousers and skirts. When I tried it on I was actually pleasantly surprised at how flattering the shape was on my figure, I love high waisted clothing anyway and the mini front hem stops the shape looking too formal. Overall I'm glad I decided to buy this skirt as it really is lovely, I don't know why I haven't gone for pastel skirts sooner!

ASOS Trousers in Textured Oriental Bird Print - Was £40 Now £12
Once again, these ASOS bird print trousers were a bit brave for me! I know on some printed trousers they can come across a bit cheap and tacky if the pattern or material isn't quite right. I decided to order these anyway as I wanted to see what the trousers looked like in real life and what the fabric was like. But when I opened these I was so pleased with the design! Even though the bird pattern does stand out, it's very intricate and delicate rather than bold and garish. I love the tapered style of these trousers and they're ideal for both work and to be dressed down more casually, so I know I will be able to get lots of use out of these. The colourful bird print will brighten up my working wardrobe and are perfect for a little extra flair in the summer months. I can't believe I snapped these up for only £12, they really are a bargain!

ASOS February Sandals - Was £35 Now £17.50
As I've been living in either my chunky leather boots or Ugg boots over the past few months, I decided to keep an eye out for some more summer friendly shoes that I could also use for my holidays in a few months. I like to try and buy ahead so I don't end up having to fork out for a holiday wardrobe all at once, the sales are also a great way to save money on holiday clothes as well so I do like to try and make pre-emptive purchases for my holidays. These February sandals are very simple but I love the chunky gold studs on the heels, they are perfect to take on holiday as they will go with most outfits and will hopefully save on the luggage allowance taking extra shoes!

New Look Shoreditch Monochrome Heeled Sandals - Was £24.99 Now £17
I wasn't sure If I was going to get into the chunky cleated sandal trend or not, some pairs that I've seen are so ghastly that I can't believe anyone would want to be seen in such strange looking shoes! I like these ones from New Look as they are a bit more feminine and toned down with just a slight platform and medium sized heel rather than being so impractically high - and frankly, really unattractive. I also really like the monochrome styling as it's quite on trend with the white sole and they will be ideal for now to grunge up some pretty floral spring outfits as well as being wearable right through to the summer. They are really easy to walk in and I can even imagine myself wearing these during the day rather than just saving them for evenings out.

ASOS Iridescent Dialog Plimsolls - £25
Okay.. so these plimsolls were not in the sale but I just couldn't resist! I've had my eye on them for a while and kept umming and ahhing, so when I saw that they had finally come back into stock in my size, I knew I just had to go for it and buy them otherwise I might not have another chance! I already have some slip on trainers very similar to these in black but I thought these ones with their holographic effect would jazz up any simple everyday outfit. I love how iridescent they are and that they can change colour so easily in different lights, varying from turquoise to dark blue to purple - it's a really cool effect and they are a simple way of incorporating the latest metallic/holographic trends into your wardrobe. I've posted a few pictures of these already on my Instagram page and everyone seems to love them! It's not surprising that they've constantly being going in and out of stock on ASOS' website!

ASOS Black Round Sunglasses - Was £10 Now £6
The round sunglasses were another trend that I was unsure of as to whether I would be able to pull off or not, if it turned out the be the latter I could end up looking like an extra from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! As these were in the sale I decided to try them out for myself, I only have a couple of pairs of sunglasses anyway so I thought it was about time I changed them up a bit. I actually really like these sunglasses, there's something very Hollywood about them and are a great modern twist on the hippy boho trend. I also like how the have a gradient tint on the lenses which is a pretty cool effect - in my favourite colour purple as well!

ASOS White Midi Skirt in Sheer Burnout - Was £38 Now £22.50
I own quite a few midi skirts but they have all had a body-con shape, I've never dared to get a fuller midi skirt before even though they have proved popular the past few months. I decided to ease myself into this trend with this skirt as even though it is a midi skirt, it has a sheer burnout lace overlay with a much shorter skirt underneath, as it is more frothy than structured it doesn't appear as intimidating to me. I really love the amount of detail that's in this skirt, I absolutely adore the lace pattern, it's very girly and perfect for spring! I think it will go great with my cleated sandals above and either a pretty pastel top or logo tee. There's something about this skirt that makes you just want to spin around with its' floaty overlay and I'll definitely consider buying more fuller midi skirts in the future that are more structured than this delicate lacy one. 
ASOS Black Square T-Shirt Dress - Was £40 Now £18
I don't think the photo shows off this dress very well as my camera couldn't really distinguish the detail on it because of the colour, but again I'm playing with the sheer overlay trend. I really like the shape of this T-shirt dress, it's quite laid back and relaxed but the silky fabric makes much more smarter and evening appropriate. When I tried it on, because of the proportions of the dress and the waist belt, it really elongated my body and made my legs look incredibly long! As I have a longer torso I love how this dress balances out my proportions and gives the illusion of longer legs. I think the fact it has a opaque block just in the middle of the dress also help with this illusion. I love it and can't wait to go somewhere nice to show this dress off, the shape and sleeve style are really flattering on my figure and at £18 it's such a great price for a dress that looks a lot more expensive than it really is.

Oasis Lace Flower Cut Out Back Sundress - Was £45 Now £18
This sundress was just beautiful too resist and will fit right in with my holiday wardrobe. Oasis dresses are always so pretty and feminine and for only £18 it was another sale bargain! I love the summery bright orange colour and the contrast white floral print. The fitted waist and pleated floaty skirt is just the perfect shape for summer, the dress also ties up at the back with cut out detailing which is a great way of showing skin in a modest way; I also think the dress will be great on holidays as a lightweight cover up whilst venturing away from the pools to explore. 

ASOS Satchel Bag with Scallop Trim and Metal Tips - £18
Last but not least is this scallop trim satchel bag, again it wasn't in the sale but I don't think it was badly priced to just buy on impulse. I have been after a small satchel bag for a while for days where I don't need to take my bigger bags and just want a bag big enough for my essentials. Even though the bag looks quite small, there is more than enough room for my purse, keys, phone and make up. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap as well as a carry handle so I can choose to style it as I wish. I also went for this bag because of the neutral colour, meaning that it will go with practically any type of outfit and the scallop trim around the edges is an adorable touch. 

And that's it for now! Have you been tempted by the latest mid season sales and gone on a fashion haul?

Amie xx

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  1. Such a great haul! I always try to resist ASOS sales because I know that if I'm let loose...the postman would have one hell of a job :P
    Absolutely love the satchel, midi skirt and chunky sandals!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  2. WOW Amazing haul, I love the satchel and the lavish alice blue skirt but seriously it's all lovely xxx

  3. I love the blue skirt that you picked up and the gorgeous detailed bag! You caught some gorgeous pieces this time, I'm always too lazy to search through the entire website to find the best picks haha I'm not one for online shopping but the pieces you have found are lovely.