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Hello all! Now I know you are probably sick to the back teeth of these posts and to be honest I didn't even consider putting my blog forward at first. But thanks to a little encouragement from Hannah at Cosmetic Crave I've decided to go for it! Hannah put her blog forward last year on a whim and ended up being shortlisted which is amazing! You just don't know what will happen unless you actually go for it, so even though I don't in any way think my blog is the best thing since sliced bread, I really put everything into each and every post and I hope that reflects to you all. I have received such fantastic support over the past few months and it has spurred me on to carry on improving and taking my blog to the next level. I write about all aspects of the fashion industry whether it be about fashion weeks, trends, new collections, red carpet looks and marketing campaigns as well as about my own fashion looks and placement year to offer a multidimensional and exciting range of posts that is constantly changing and providing a fresh look on the industry as a whole rather than just showcasing my style.

I am very curious to see what will happen and it would mean the world to me if I was actually shortlisted! To be nominated for a blog award would be such a huge honour - my blog is still very much a baby, but I hope you've noticed how far my blog has come over recent months and that you think it's worthy of a mention. So if you enjoy reading my blog, I would really appreciate it if you took a minute of your time to nominate in the 'Best Fashion Blog - Newcomer' category! 

To nominate Fashion Is Our Religion - follow the link to Company's Style Blogger Awards nomination page -

Enter your email address and Fashion Is Our Religion's URL -

Select the 'Best Fashion Blog - Newcomer' option (at the bottom of the drop down list)

If you want to say a quick sentence as to why you like my blog there is an option but it's not mandatory :)

And that's it! If you do nominate my blog please do let me know, it really will make my day if I know you are taking the time to vote for me. I was a bit reluctant at first to go for this, but I have nothing to lose putting myself forward and I could end up surprising myself if I do end up being shortlisted - and I'll have all you lovely readers to thank for that. 

Thank you in advance for supporting my little blog :)

Amie xx
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