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Hello all! Once again I have let go of the purse strings and done another online shop - somebody really needs to block my bank accounts, all I seem to have done lately is shop, maybe it's because it was my first full time pay day recently or maybe it's just because I have no self control, I don't know - maybe a bit of a combination of the two! But yes, I have been naughty and bought some new clothes from ASOS, I have only purchased off ASOS once before, I am one of those people who likes to try before they buy and with ASOS being a pureplayer obviously I can't do that, but I thought I'd give it a go as I do love the clothes on their website and I always have the option to return them for free if they didn't suit me.

I bought a mixture items that won't necessarily be worn together, but I wanted some wardrobe staples as well as a few patterned statement pieces. I had double the amount that I bought in my original basket, so I did have *some* restraint, but I may always go back- especially as I recently won a £20 ASOS voucher for this post on how to get your wardrobe for less! This was my first EVER blog competition entry and I was so pleased to be a runner up in this contest, hopefully I'll have the chance to enter more and see if my lucky streak continues! Anyway I'll stop waffling and show you what I bought in my latest fashion haul.

ASOS Mini Bell Skirt

Floral Print Skirt, ASOS Mini Skirt, Bell Skirt
ASOS Mini Bell Skirt In Pink Floral Print
Close Up Of The Fabric Print
This ASOS skirt is absolutely gorgeous, From the candy pink colours to the feminine bell shape structure of the skirt to the almost hand painted style of the flower print adorning it - this skirt is ultra girly and chic, it's perfect for summer! This skirt is high waisted so it is ideal to wear with cami tops as well as crop tops, I have gone crop top mad this summer, so I'm glad to have another skirt to mix and match with and refresh my wardrobe with a pop of bright pink. This was another one of my bargain finds out of the sale, I swear most of what I buy nowadays is either off Ebay or out of the sale - Just call me the bargain hunter! I bought this skirt for £10.50 and I think it's an absolute steal, the fabric and construction of the skirt is a very high quality and I know it will last me a while.

ASOS Swing Dress

ASOS Summer Swing Dress, Stripe Swing Dress, Grunge Dress, Festival Fashion
ASOS Summer Swing Dress In Stripe
ASOS Swing Dress, Tie Dye Dress, Bleach Dress, Festival Fashion
Scoop Cross Back Design
Tie Dye Dress, Bleach Dress, Acid Wash Dress, Grunge Fashion, Festival Fashion
Close Up Of Fabric Pattern
I think this dress is a simple way to add texture and pattern to an outfit, I loooooove the tie dye stripe effect and I think it is very striking and unusual. I've tried this dress on and the way it's cut is very flattering and just falls over your curves, it's very floaty and feminine but is toughened up with the print at the same time. The cross back is also a nice little feature and it also helps to stop your dress from falling down at the front. At only £15, I think this dress is well worth the money - there is also a top version of this dress as well! This dress will make a ideal festival outfit with some leather boots and oversized jacket, I'm considering wearing it to V-festival in a couple of weeks!

ASOS Ribbon Cami

ASOS Cami Top, Camisole, ASOS Chiffon Cami, Ruffle Top
ASOS Cami With Bow And Ruffle Front
Camisole, Sheer Top, Ribbon Detail

This summer has been all about the little cami top, it's very versatile and goes with just about anything, so I thought I should finally jump on the band wagon! I have many crop tops but I feel cami tops are just a little bit sleeker and smarter to wear to work or for evenings out. Many cami tops are very plain and simple so I love the addition of the ribbon bow and ruffles on the front, it just adds a little something to the top and is a nice design feature. The semi sheer chiffon fabric drapes beautifully and makes the top look so much more expensive than it is. I picked this top up for only £10 down from £25, so another sale bargain!

ASOS Shift Tie Dye Dress

ASOS Tie Dye Dress, Cut Out Dress, Cut Out Shoulder
ASOS Shift Dress In Tie Dye With Cold Shoulder
ASOS Cut Out Dress, Cut Out Shoulder
Close Up Of Cut-Out Shoulder
Tie Dye Print, Tie Dye Pattern
Close Up Of Fabric Pattern
This is another dress that I am considering wearing to V Festival, It definitely has that Grunge/Festival vibe with the ominous tie pattern and cut out shoulders. It's quite loose fitting, but it is nice to wear on warmer days as it is quite breathable and the fact it''s a bit oversized just adds to the grunge aesthetic. Once again, this is another sale find, I picked this up for half price at £14! It's the perfect day dress and when the colder months come creeping in, it can easily be layered with tights and a leather jacket.

ASOS Pencil Skirt With Sheer And Solid Hem

ASOS Pencil Skirt With Sheer And Solid Hem
Sheer Contrast Hem Design
I have wanted a skirt/dress with contrast sheer hem panelling for absolutely ages, so I'm really glad I saw this in the ASOS sale for £11 - another half price bargain! This skirt is perfect to wear with blouses, crop tops and cami tops with a light coloured jacket, I think it will be ideal to wear to work as it is smart but at the same time has a fashionable touch to it.

Warehouse Side Split Maxi Skirt

Warehouse Maxi Skirt, Side Split Maxi Skirt, Gathered Maxi Skirt
Warehouse Side Split Maxi Skirt
Warehouse Side Split Maxi Skirt

You may have already seen me wearing this maxi skirt in my latest OOTD post here. I don't very often go for a maxi skirt, this is probably the second one I've bought, but I absolutely love the look of this skirt! The skirt is gathered at the waistline and has a cross over side split, I must admit I enjoyed having an Angelina Jolie moment with the side split! As the split crosses over, it isn't obvious there is a split, but the skirt billows as you walk and it looks gorgeous, makes you feel like you are on the runway! I think this is the only full priced item I bought out of my haul, but at £22, that is really good value for a Warehouse skirt! This skirt definitely made me to go for the maxi skirt/ boho look again in the future.

And that's it for this haul, but don't worry I still have a mega Boots beauty haul that will be coming your way very soon :)

Amie xx
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