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Hello all, you may have seen on Twitter already that there is a brand new blogger project that has been started by the lovely Steph over at Steph's Inside Voice. The Starting Off Project aims for bloggers to get involved and share their experiences and usage of different beauty products every week as part of a 10 week series. These posts will hopefully help people who are new to using beauty products or to those who are just looking for some beauty tips and to discover new products! When I saw Steph's tweets, I knew I had to get involved with this and at the moment there are 120 bloggers that are part of the project! I know it's going to be amazing to see everyone's recommendations and experiences with different products.

This is the very first week of the project and it will be focusing on all things skincare! Now I'm not going to claim I have perfectly clear skin and that I never have any problems with it. I am also a bit of a beauty sinner and I sometimes go to sleep with my make up still on. I know, I know it's the ultimate no no and maybe if I stuck to my skincare routine better then maybe I would have better skin! To give you a frame of reference my skin is oily and can get a bit dry if I don't moisturise enough. I have blackheads across my nose and chin that come and go as they please, sometimes they are more prominent than other times, I don't really get other spots anymore but I occasionally get the odd couple of red angry ones! Anyway I am going to show you my full skincare routine, sometimes I will use a shortened version and do the basic steps, some of the products shown are for daily use as well as some that are used less.

Facial Wipes

I would say that using a facial wipe to remove your make up is the first step you should take, even if it is the only step you decide to use! There are many different types of wipes that are catered to different skin types such as dull, spotty and sensitive skin and these will all contain ingredients to suit your skin type and to help improve it. I always look for wipes that are kind to your skin and won't dry it out with harsh chemicals, such as these Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes, though I will go for any wipes for sensitive skin that I see that are on offer. Sometimes wipes for sensitive skin are too gentle to remove all make up, but these ones will remove even waterproof mascara. These leave my face feeling fresh and clean and they work really well to remove any stubborn make up, especially my eye make up!

Cleansers, Toners and Moisturisers

If you are using just facial wipes to remove your make up, even when you think you have removed all your make up, you will be surprised the amount of make up that still comes off when you use a cleansing lotion afterwards! I recommend after facial wipes that you use a 3-step cleanse, tone and moisturise programme such as this Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Lotion, Toning Cleanser and Light Moisturiser. Obviously depending on your skin type, it's up to you on what product range you choose to use, but I think the Simple range is perfect to use if you are just starting a skincare routine as it is very affordable and suitable for sensitive skin, they have a number of different products to suit your skin type as well, but I like to use the Kind To Skin range. It is recommended to do this morning and night, but I only have time to do this at night

The Purifying Cleansing Lotion helps to remove any remaining make up or dirt that has been left on your face without drying out your skin and contains loads of skin friendly ingredients and vitamins to improve the quality of your skin and keep it looking healthy and soft. To use cleansing lotion you simply add some to cotton wool pads and wipe it across your face in upward motions to cleanse your skin. 

The Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser is to help clear away dirt once again but also to help reduce the size of pores, making them less noticeable. If you use a proper skincare routine daily you will notice that you will get clearer skin and less blackheads, so this toner helps to reduce the size of these open pores left behind and will reduce your chances of blackheads coming back, meaning you will have smooth and clean skin. This toner contains active ingredients such as witch hazel, vitamins and chamomile to improve skin condition and tighten pores After cleansing your skin, add some toner to a cotton wool pad and again wipe across your face in upward motions.

The Hydrating Light Moisturiser aims to keep your skin hydrated and nourished but without being heavy and clogging your pores. It will help to stop your skin from going dry and flaky and will keep it perfectly moisturised and give you an ideal base to apply make up to, foundation will always look better when applied to healthy skin! This moisturiser contains glycerin and borage seed oil which helps to nourish skin for 12 hours as well as helping to renew and regenerate. Apply with your fingers after cleansing and toning, if you have some specific dry areas such as around your nose then feel free to add extra to these areas!

Anti Blemish Moisturisers

Now sometimes I will go through periods where my skin will misbehave and it will become really greasy and breakout in spots, usually when I'm stressed out or I'm ill. There are lots of stronger products you could use to tame teenage skin such as the Clearasil range, but I find these are too harsh and dry your skin out really bad. When my skin plays up I switch my moisturisers to this Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser as it contains spot fighting and antibacterial ingredients which help to absorb excess oils, reduce shine, fight spots and sooth irritated skin. you will see results within a couple of days and it's a great confidence booster to see your skin getting better.

Exfoliating Scrubs

To keep my skin smooth and free from dry patches, I use an exfoliating scrub such as this Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Clearing Scrub 2-3 times a week. Not only does it get rid of dry skin it also fights blackheads at the same time! it contains 2% salicylic acid which helps to clear pores of blackheads as well as protect against spots before they appear. The Herbasoothe technology also helps to fade marks left from spots and keep your skin blemish free. This scrub definitely improves the quality of my skin and targets my blackheads, My T-zone also improves greatly and is noticeably less oily. To use, apply to wet skin with circular motions to buff away dead skin and clear pores. I wouldn't recommend using a scrub every day, as this will remove your skin's essential oils and will cause them to go into production overload, leaving your skin a lot oiler and clogged up. 

Tailored Moisturisers

In the morning, before I apply my make up I have started to apply Garnier's Moisture match Wake Me Up Revitalising Hydrating Gel. It has a gorgeous citrus scent and gives an instant boost to your complexion, perfect for those early mornings! I was surprised when I first used this product, it instantly made my skin look bright and radiant, you could see a noticeable glow in the skin and it looked so much healthier. Garnier has a whole range of these moisturisers that are tailored to each skin type and help to improve your complexion, I think this acts as a great base for my make up.

I hope you enjoyed my first post as part of The Standing Out Project and if you have also taken part then please leave your links behind so I can read your skincare posts!

Amie xx
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  1. Say goodbye to blackheads in home a great infortion Iwas suffer from this from past one week thank you for the remidy