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Hello all! As you may have already seen, I did an Ebay beauty haul detailing all my lovely beauty and make up bargains that I had picked up since joining the world of Ebay a couple of weeks ago. I am now going to show you all my fashion bargains! There are quite a few as I get a bit over excited bidding on things, I get the mentality that I *have* to win if I like something, but anyway I think I've found some real gems and I'd definitely continue shopping on the website.

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I did pick up a few clothing pieces, but i was trying to find things that I knew I wanted rather then trawling aimlessly through all the items. I wanted things like a kimono jacket, coloured blazer and printed trousers, as you'll see i found the first two and I'm still looking for some printed trousers! I also picked up a couple of cheeky dresses that were too good to let go.

Zara Gold Print Kimono Jacket

Zara, Zara Kimono Jacket, Oriental Trend, Gold Leaf, Oversized Zara Jacket,

I had been looking for a kimono jacket for ages, but I wasn't really sure whether they would suit me or not, but I really liked the idea of the trend! So I bit the bullet and bought this Zara Kimono Jacket for £22.99 and then if I did like them, I couldn't consider newer ones in the future! I must say I really love this jacket and it's perfect for the summer as it's airy and lightweight. I love the floral print as well - tres oriental.

 Topshop Cross Vest Top

Topshop Vest, Grunge Trend, Hipster Cross

I have bought quite a few pairs or trousers and skirts over the past few weeks but i didn't really have any casual tops to go with them! I liked this top as it was a bit grungy with the cross, it also has a semi sheer back which is quite a nice feature, I paid £1.04 + p&p which is an absolute bargain! I've already worn it with a midi skirt and it goes really nice, so I can't wait to try it with other stuff.

Silk Zara Stripe Dress

Zara Dress, Zara Monochrome Dress, Zara Stripe Dress,

I thought this dress would be perfect to wear to work with a coloured blazer and I thought at £10 it would be ideal! Its gathered under the bust so it's really flattering and I love the stripe monochrome pattern, it's also 100% silk so it has a really nice quality!

Warehouse Camoflague Ditsy Dress 

Warehouse Dress, Warehouse Floral Dress, Asymmetric Dress, Floral Print,

I love everything about this dress, the asymmetric cut, the keyhole back detailing and the dainty floral print. I didn't actually realise I already had this dress in purple until it arrived, but the purple is more for formal events whereas I could get away with wearing this one during the day, either way I'm happy to own this dress in 2 colours, especially as this one cost me only £9.99 when it retails for £65! You may have seen me in this dress already, I think it is gorgeous!

Next Pink Blazer Jacket

Coloured Blazer, Next Coloured Blazer, Neon Trend,

I love Blazers as they are the perfect lightweight cover up for work and I aim to have one in every colour! So far I have my normal black ones as well as coral and this is my latest addition! This cost me £10.50, which is great as I've seen full price blazers for as much as £50. I love having them in different colours as it can add bold statements to plain outfits, and the different colours can just change it up! I really want a white one and maybe a minty blue coloured one, my search will continue!

River Island Pinafore Dress

River Island Pinafore, Heart Print,

I have some denim dungarees from River Island and it really took me back to my childhood! So I wanted to continue with the whole retro vibe and I got this printed pinafore for £5! I thought it was really sweet with the loveheart print and it will go great with a crop T and converse for casual days off.

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Now between bags and shoes, I am definitely a shoe girl, I only have one main bag, one tassel bag and one clutch bag that I actually use but I have *dozens* of shoes. I could spend hours and hours looking at shoes and I have the mentality that you can never have enough shoes and you can instantly dress up or dress down the same outfit with what shoes you wear. I found some real shoe bargains on Ebay and you'll soon see how good some of these bargains are!

ASOS Gold Stud Dolly Shoes

These black dolly shoes are from ASOS and I won the bid at £4.20 + p&p which is quite the bargain! I just wanted some simple dolly shoes to wear to work and for when it isn't sandal weather and I really love the stud detailing on the toes. I think these will be quite versatile and i will get a lot of wear out of them

Topshop Gold T-Bar Ballet Shoes

I have some T-bar sandals from Next which I absolutely love! So when I saw these Topshop T-bar shoes I couldn't resist! I thought they would be perfect as well to wear for work, they cost me a little more at £12.99 but against Topshop prices this is still a lot cheaper.

Jeffrey Campbell Inspired Shoe Boots

I love the look of Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, I love all the studs and spikes and the over the top designs, but unfortunately as a student I can't quite afford to shell out £150 for some. So when I saw these similar shoes, I thought I'd give them a shot at only £3 + p&p! They are a bit higher than shoes I usually wear but they are surprisingly easy to walk in so I can't wait to try them on a night out!

All Saints Leather Strap High Heels

These must be my favourite purchase since joining Ebay, I absolutely fell in love with these All Saints shoes and I couldn't believe my luck when I won the auction at £6.48 + p&p when these shoes retail at £115! They are such good quality and made from real leather, I had some shoes that had a similar design when I was younger and I loved them, so I can't wait to wear these!

Gold Choker Necklace

You've probably already seen me wearing this in a couple of my outfit posts, but I think it's a great way of adding a simple statement to an outfit, and at £2.99 + p&p, it's a lot cheaper than buying something similar off the highstreet! 

Four Leaf Clover Charm Bracelet

This was actually my first ever purchase off Ebay and my last to arrive! I thought it looked really dainty and pretty and I couldn't believe the price at £1.39, though hopefully it won't break after a couple of wears!

I hope you liked all of my Ebay purchases, I know I did and I'm sure there will be many to come! What has been your favourite bargain find from Ebay?

Amie xx
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