Outfit Of The Day // 19th July

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We made it guys, it's finally the weekend! I definitely had that Friday feeling which was made even better when I was allowed to leave work an hour early - score! Had a lovely afternoon chilling and having a cheeky drink with my mum whilst catching up on TV. It seems like I have so much on my to-do list over the weekend so I hope I don't get distracted by the prospect of spending all day in the sun.

Kimono Jacket £39.99 Zara (bought off Ebay for £22.99) - Dress Miss Selfridge - Shoes £30 Next
Sunglasses £4.99 Ebay - Necklace £12 (now £3 in sale) Dorothy Perkins 

I absolutely love this dress and it is another one of my sale finds for clothes to wear to work (I really need to start buying new season collections instead of going to the sale rails ha, I really can't resist a bargain as a stingy student). Although it is quite simple there is a lot of detail in the fabric, which is a lace over layer which is longer than the underskirt. There is also sheer detailing on the back, which i didn't notice until I got it home, so that was a nice surprise! It makes a perfect sundress as it is loose fitting and breathable, but still smart for a day in the office.

Now I never thought I'd be one to like the kimono jacket trend or think it would suit me for that matter, but I took the plunge and bought this Zara gold print kimono jacket off Ebay; I thought I would try one that was relatively cheap before deciding to invest in full price ones. But I have to say as soon as I unwrapped it and tried it on I fell in love. I love how it is loose fitting and lightweight which makes it perfect for summer. It's just so effortlessly stylish and versatile, it can be worn with summer dresses or with a vest and high waisted shorts. It makes an impact and I know already it is going to become a staple piece in my wardorbe now and I can't wait to experiment with different styles!

These glasses are another Ebay find and considering they were only £4.99 they are surprisingly high quality! the lenses are dark and I can see outside without having to squint or shield my eyes like I have done whilst wearing other glasses in the past. I love the retro vibe and again, I decided to not play it safe and buy something I had never contemplated buying before; I usually stick to a style I know suits me but hey, fashion is all about taking risks and experimenting right? I was pleasantly surprised that the circular glasses suited my face shape (in my opinion anyway ha), so I might now buy some even more retro glasses, at least I'll be getting a lot of wear out of them over the next few weeks anyway!

What do you think of my experimenting with new styles? I always love trying a new look!

Amie xx
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