Outfit Of The Day // 1st July

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Hello lovely readers! I hope you all had a lovely sunny weekend, we're being treated in the Midlands with another nice day, not as hot as yesterday but I'm not complaining as I'm accustomed to the constant rain of Manchester!

I was due to start my placement today but I was given the day off as they are relocating their offices to a bigger building, this now means I will only have to travel 10 minutes to work rather than half an hour which I won't be complaining about! I can't wait to see the new building tomorrow and get started with my placement year as a buyer's assistant.

Today was a more casual day than I was expecting but it was nice to have today off to settle in a bit more to my new surroundings. So today's outfit reflects my laid back day of running errands with my mum in town, grocery shopping and walking our Shar-Pei Toby down the park.

As it was a little milder today, I opted for some black tights and my leather jacket to throw on top, though I had to take it off a few times when the sun popped out! I seem to be paying tribute to America today with my converse and American flag on my t-shirt

Top from Gap - Shorts £28 Topshop - Tights £3 Primark - Sneakers from Converse - Necklace £5 Dorothy Perkins

(I don't have prices for some items as I've had them a while and they are no longer on sale)

I bought this jacket from Topshop last autumn when they had the student discount offer of 20% off all items. It was around £70 I think, so I was waiting specifically for the increased discount which made it more like £50 before I purchased it! It's faux leather with silver studs around the collar and shoulders, it's also slightly cropped which I like as it's not overly masculine and I can wear high waisted skirts and trousers with it without the overall shape of the outfit looking weird and disproportionate. Even though I wear this jacket all the time, I probably wouldn't buy another with studs, they are so annoying! Within a week, some had already fallen off the shoulders and I constantly have to try and stick studs back in if they catch on something; such as the straps of my bag. Considering this jacket is worth £70, I did expect more from the quality and performance of it. But apart from the shoulder studs, I do love this jacket, I may invest in another cropped leather jacket later this year.

I got this Tshirt on a trip to London when I was about 18, considering I'm 22 this year, it's lasted a long time! Obviously it's no longer available from Gap but here is a similar version. It's an oversized tee, when it is untucked, it's almost the same length as my shorts, so you could wear it either way with leggings, jeans or skirts. I think I paid about £20 for it, and it's still going strong after 4 years, so I think it was £20 well spent!

These shorts are high waisted and have a mid wash colour. I bought them for my holiday to wear with crop tops and t-shirts, they are easy to dress up and dress down and are really versatile to wear. Even though it says they are hotpants, they will cover all of your bum! There's nothing I hate more than girls who wear shorts with their bum cheeks on show, I don't think it's a good look at all! They finish just below your bum so they are the perfect length, so you can wear them with or without tights without looking trashy.

I got these converse a few years back and they are the light version of the Oxford style, meaning they are a bit more streamlined and feminine than regular converse. My exact ones are no longer on sale but you can get the updated style here. They are the perfect casual shoes to wear with t-shirts and shorts or even to add an edge to midi dresses. Considering they are white, they aren't looking too scruffy just yet :P

This necklace is another sale find from last week! It was £12.50 down to £5 and as I have no will power whatsoever, I just had to buy it! It has a funky snake skin pattern on it which adds a bit of texture to an outfit, but it's plain enough to wear with a number of different styles and colours.

As I will finally be starting my placement tomorrow (fingers crossed), you'll see me looking a lot sharper ready to take on the real world of work!

Amie xx

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