Outfit Of The Day // 16th July

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Hello lovelies! Oh my goodness when I mentioned the weather in last week's posts, I had no idea it would have lasted this long! Or even that it's looking like we've got another week of this heatwave - brilliant! well.. not so brilliant when you are stuck in a stuffy office 9-5 during the week with no air con. I just hope the weather lasts another weekend.

Dress River Island - Belt River Island - Sandals Next - Sunglasses RayBan - Assortment of bracelets

Anyway here is my outfit of the day today, On a hot day like this I didn't want to wear trousers and a shirt to work, so I thought this midi dress from River island was still smart enough to wear but at the same time not too hot. Over the winter months I wore this dress with my leather jacket, tights and ankle boots, it was one of my favourite dresses so I'm glad I can still wear it over summer with some sandals!

I love the Aztec print over the dress, even though the colours are quite dark, I still think it looks good in the summer months; I think it fits in with the Grunge/Festival trends at the minute. I love this dress as it is very versatile, It can be dressed up or dressed down, I've worn it to uni, on nights out and now to work, you can just change a few accessories to suit the occasion!

I actually bought this belt from River Island at the same time I bought this dress! It was more of an impulse buy, the belts were hanging near the till and I thought it would add an edgy look to the outfit. I think it makes a change to have a statement belt, it's quite unusual but it's very on trend right now when everything seems to be covered in spikes and studs. Adding it to a simple outfit just gives it that bit of oomph without having to over-accessorise.

 These T-bar sandals were an emergency purchase at the Airport before I flew out to Cancun as the sandals I were wearing decided to break when we were checking in! Luckily I could still use my staff discount for Next at the time, so at least it saved me a bit of money! I had actually clocked these a couple of weeks before but they didn't have my size at the time, it must have been fate! I think they are really dainty and again, fit in with the stud trend in a feminine way, although a couple of the stones fell off whilst I was on holiday, though I think this was due to the extreme heat melting the glue!

These bracelets are from my holiday to Mexico apart from the Purple woven one which is from a set from New Look.

Need to get thinking of an outfit for tomorrow to survive in this heat when I'm confined indoors! If I was not at work it would be easy but I can't exactly turn up to work in crop tees and shorts!

Amie xx

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