Haute Right Now // Part I

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Couture Fashion Week has to be my favourite time in the fashion calendar, I could spend hours poring over all the pictures of the most beautiful and theatrical garments that shock and stir people's emotions. When I designed at college I would always look at the fashion juggernauts for inspiration  and I would always be drawn to the couture shows and my mind would be buzzing with creativity; excited to experiment and not be afraid to break the limits. I guess I'm a bit of a magpie, I love anything that shimmers and sparkles and excites my senses. Everyone loves a bit of drama and extravagance, couture is not realistic but it causes people to dream and fantasise. I couldn't wait to get some free time and start looking through the latest couture collections,  in particular Elie Saab's, which has been my favourite for the past few seasons.


Versace kicked off Couture week with a more sultry and glamorous rather than outlandish and garish collection that pleasantly surprised me! There was sheer lace panelling as well as clever shaping and slits; showing skin but without having everything on show. Following the underwear as outerwear trend, there were lace bras teamed with crocodile skin jackets and nude bodices peeping out of cut-outs dresses and tops. As it's couture, of course gowns and tops were adorned with sequins and beads, so the reflection of the runway lights brought the garments to life. Versace showcased a more muted colour pallet than normal of burgundy, jade and navy blue, The collection is still sexy but classy not trashy, it looks like the brand has grown up!

Christian Dior

I must say that Christian Dior was my favourite when John Galliano was at the reigns, His collections completely wowed me without fail, every season I wanted to know what he had created next and he always left me wanting more,. Now Christian Dior with Raf Simons just doesn't seem to have the same wow factor any more. Anyway, I tried to put this aside and take in the collection. Tailored two pieces and dresses look remastered, almost like they have been taken apart and put together as something new. Pops of vivid colours ran throughout the collection and different layers and textures were played with within the same garment offering a feast for the eyes. Every outfit had a different style, shape and feel, from classic fifties Dior to international influences making the collection modern and dynamic.

Giambattista Valli

There was an explosion of colour and florals at Giambattista Valli. The models looked like fine china dolls in gowns heavily influenced by all things orient as they strutted down the runway. Dresses were layered with matching capes and each garment was heavily embellished with beading, embroidery as well as florals that bloomed in a splash of colour against dainty dresses. There was ruffles and flounce galore with voluminous waterfall skirts and oversized bows that were sickly sweet but oh so delicious.


At Chanel, it was a look to the space age in an iridescent display of metallics in a range of reinforced, infallible silhouettes. Prints and tweed structure were experimented with to create futuristic patterns with metallic fibres in a variety of textures. There was tough, edgy tailoring with boxy crop jackets and coats in juxtaposition to floaty sheer underskirts. Garments were embellished to the nines with sparkly sequins, ruffles and tassels to add luminosity to this futuristic collection.

What's your favourite collection so far? Don't worry if you haven't seen your favourite designer yet, there's plenty of sparkle, extravagance and opulence to come in part  two!

Amie xx

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